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Apartment location

Apartment services

– automatic acces via smart electronic locks.

– Free 24-hour home medical emergencies.

– Supply of towels and bedding.

– USB connection in all rooms.

– Eco gel / shampoo for the entire stay (Nordic Ecolabel)

Additional information

– Train station: 300 m.

– City Center: 750 m.

– Playa de la Concha: 1200 m.

Check In : 16:00 h

Check Out: 11:00 h

Ask us about the conditions for late Check Out


Nombre: Always Easy

PS: S@nSeb@sti@n

Apartment rules

Mobility and emergencies

Home appliances

Oven + Microwaves

O Program  O Time

Ceramic glass

O On / Off    O Lock   O Choose fire  O Temperature


O On / Off    O Program  O Time

Washing machine

O Start/Pause   O Program   O Centrifuged


O Select temperature

HOMEIT electronic key

Instructions for access to the apartment

To access both the apartment and the building in which it is located, we use an electronic key system. To do this you will have to use your mobile phone.

We will send you a link via WhatsApp and we will also attach it here if you have filled out the online check-in form.

Once you access the link you will have to accept cookies and you will have to follow the introductory steps (where the operation of the key is explained) by pressing NEXT at the bottom of the screen, until you reach the home page.

As you can see there are two gray bands and a numerical code.

-Street door: activate the door of the building.

-Flat door: activates the door of the apartment.

You will also see a numerical code that can only be used at the door of the apartment.

The operation is as follows: You must click on the padlock icon and drag it to the right. At that point you will see a green circle with a TIC and a gray one with a cross. Press the green, TIC.

At the door of the building, once the key is activated, you only have to push once you hear a noise.

At the door of the apartment, once the key is activated, you must wait to see a blue light. At that moment you must turn the electronic knob to the right until the door opens.

SPECIFICATION: at the door of the building, before activating the bar for it, it is necessary to PRESS THE INTERCOM (in each apartment it varies from 1ºA or 2D or 1ºB…). After hearing a voice and a noise, all you have to do is push the door.

You can share the link with the rest of the guests.

TO CLOSE: Repeat the operation when leaving the apartment, but turning the knob to the left.



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